Family Portraits for All

The Browns presenting a photo to the chief

Our Mission:

to provide family portraits to those in developing nations or remote communities who might otherwise not have such a keepsake. To give photos, not just take them.

From the Village:

  • Taking a photograph is like a window into someone else’s world - like asking good questions in mediation
    Steve, Liberia
  • The kids are a delight; their smiles stretch from ear to ear.
    Claire, Tanzania
  • People were making breakfast over smouldering embers, kids bathed in big buckets, and local dogs chased pigs
    Dan, Port Vila Vanuatu
  • One father was so excited to have a photo of his baby that he gave me the woven billum bag off his back
    Tasmin, Papua New Guinea Highlands
  • All the people we saw along the coastlines and all the fishermen we passed on their boats waved to us
    Tasmin, Papua New Guinea Islands
  • I took a photo for her and she smiled and tucked it into the thatch roof out of the reach of the smoke while she kept cooking for us
    Tasmin, Vanuatu Kalangia Village
  • The mothers and sisters of the returning boys were dressed in traditional garb which has come to include both face paint and Christmas garland tinsel
    Tasmin, Tanna Circumcision Ceremony
  • The driver showed us all some pictures of his children he kept tucked in the console, beaten up and torn. Because of his job he only got to see them every few months.
    Dan, Papua New Guinea Highlands

The Caucus with Lisa

Lisa and her Mum experienced the generosity of people in the Middle East
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